CORIN-Asia and SEI collaborate for mangrove restoration (06 July 2009)

Participants are briefed on the importance of restoring mangroves as a natural habitat for different aquatic animals and plants and as a source of livelihood for communities. 

THAILAND -- Mangrove forests and wetland areas are deteriorating at a rapid rate due to encroachment and unsustainable use of its resources. In order to mitigate this problem, there is a need to raise awareness among various stakeholders on the importance of mangroves as an important buffer in coastal areas. CORIN-Asia and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) initiated this approach through the conduct of a forum on mangrove restoration on 14-15 June 2009 in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Thailand. The forum serves as a platform for synthesizing and reconciling the different uses of mangroves.

SEI and CORIN-Asia are involved in the project and research on mangroves in southern Thailand. Their involvement and facilitation of mangrove rehabilitation projects at the local level enable Tambon (Sub-district) Administrative Offices and the provincial government agencies understand local demands and needs which could be elevated into policy agenda at the national and regional levels.  CORIN-Asia’s strength in mobilizing multi-stakeholders complements those of SEI and is a good input into the regional dialogue. In the same manner, the collaborative work with SEI enabled CORIN-Asia to further its work in bringing together various stakeholders from different sectors and levels.


The learning exchange forum on mangroves provided a venue for discussion about practical steps necessary in mangrove restoration and coastal resource management. It is expected to contribute to the reconciliation of conflicting uses of various interest groups.

CORIN-Asia is the forefront institution in demonstrating and documenting processes for coastal and wetlands management in Thailand. It is actively involved in mobilizing local communities and works closely with local authorities and national level agencies towards improving policies and interventions for coastal and wetland areas. Results of its work in Pak Phanang, Nakhon Sri Thammarat serve as an open learning laboratory for the region.

For further information, see story from SEI here.


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